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Joby micro stand

Click Pictures Instantly

Ever been on a hike and wanted to take a picture of yourself ? But nobody was around to help you ? Use your extra device or the self timer to snap a picture of yourself


Easy setup

Slide from the left and put in you settings. Slide from right to take a picture on the remote device


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Features Available with IBSnap


Simple and functional design

Easy access to everything you need


Responsive Layout

Take the picture in the orientation you want.


Easy to Setup

Set your shared code, delay and grant remote access and you are ready to go.


Best Help and Support

Send a mail to post@ibsnap.com.


Yeees finally. Wonderful app that does what it promises. I use it everyday for my pictures and selfies. Cant wait for the new features..!.

Frank Homme

Incredible. Finally I can join my pictures.

Mr. Heine


Explanation of our settings.

Delay : How long before you press snap, until the picture is taken Code : Shared 4 digit code between your devices. For you security
No preview: Do not view the picture that was taken on the main device, but save it and get ready to take a new Send preveiew: Send a low res preview of the photo to the remote controlling device
Enable remote : Let this device be remote controlled Self timer: Do not use the remote controlling features, but set a time and wait for your photo to be taken
Preview: (remote controller): Receive preview from the other device